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    Bamboo Bath Towels

    Bamboo Bath Towels

    Bamboo Bath Towel Set


    Bamboo Hand Towels


    Bamboo Bath Towel



    When considering viscose for bamboo sheets, it is crucial to understand that not all options are equal in terms of their quality. Similar to other textiles, you can find a wide range of variations from poor to luxurious.

    Bamboo.Store stands out from the competition by focusing exclusively on creating top-quality bamboo viscose sheets. This strategy has resulted in a dedicated customer base that recognizes and values our commitment.

    We prioritize responsible sourcing and have made significant strides in verifying the origins of our fabrics. While we cannot comment on other companies' practices, rest assured that our efforts are focused on maintaining ethical standards in the sourcing of our bamboo fabric and fiber, guaranteeing temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties as you sleep. Enjoy the ideal sleeping temperature with our bedding and say goodbye to concerns about hot flashes.

    • 60% Viscose from Bamboo
    • 40% Cotton
    • 500 GSM(Grams per Square Meter)

    30 Night Home Trial

    Try Risk Free for 30 Nights - Return if Not Satisfied


    Ideal for Sensitive Skin - Anti-bacterial & Odor Repellant

    Renewable & Sustainable

    Bamboo is an Extremely Renewable Resource - No Pesticides or Fertilizer Needed

    Machine Washable

    Tested, Durable & Built to Last - Guranteed Not to Pill After Washing & Drying